(This article does not intend to hurt anyone’s sentiments, nor are they against anyone’s belief. They are just a gamut of passing thoughts that like huge waves wash up, now and then the ever wandering shores of my mind.)


Trying to understand how a kid and a grown up reacts to the same situation I once happened to ask the most controversial question …

            “Who/what do you think God is??”


The kid chuckled and answered as his eyes glittered his happiness into it

            “God is the person to whom I pray when I need something.. He is the one who protects me from Joe when he comes to bully me at the kinder garden gates”


How true?? Even Though it might be the kid’s Parents providing his craving needs or it might have been kid’s sole courage that made him stand the bullish attack but that’s what we are taught .. Good manners. to thank and present all you do to the God the almighty who looks after us , protects us guides us and provide us with what we need


I mistakenly happened to ask the same question to a grown up who some how turned up to be an atheist. Wish I had not, for if I had asked some believer, this article would have ended up into different strokes all together.


The answer I got from the grown up was almost the same… has to be…I thought .Its similar to knowing my parents, my name information that we take for granted but yes the grown up had added logic with careful analysis of each word very true to its   literal meaning, exploring all vistas of thoughts adhering to what he read , explored with time, comprehended , sprinkled some good and bad experiences of life and burped out this …


“…But I don’t believe in god … I am an atheist “.Period.


So, what else was needed?? Me armed with my own beliefs, theories and an inborn craving to understand Bizarre Human Psychology sat to discuss the reason

“Why  … an Atheist??”

Believe me; the discussion opened a completely new plethora of thoughts which I thought should be enforced onto a dissertation soon, to free my hapless ever wandering mind.

So, to understand how deep the rabbit hole goes here some food for thought ….


This is human nature, everything that we do not understand we relate it to God!!

Which can be as simple as idols drinking milk to stuffs as complex as re incarnations, self curing of deadly cancer, vanishing of brain tumors etc etc.


Few decades ago, we never knew what caused Small pox; we always related it  as terrible god’s punishment. Even today, in most remote areas any incurable disease is treated as God’s punishment. I am sure, when nobody knew about why solar eclipse occurred, it might have been associated with God as well. You name it, you don’t understand it, and you relate it to be a miracle or God’s pre written destiny!


Today, we laugh at the villager who considers lighting of a bulb as a miracle, because we know what’s actually behind it. Tomorrow if we discover  re incarnation as a result of  yet another phantoms in Human mind some weird  Chinese checkers played amongst the  brain cells , we would  stop considering to believe into the re birth thing all together..


The revolution of earth around the sun can be zeroed down to foxtrot performed due to gravitational force; Magnetism can be zeroed down to spinning of electrons; electricity to electrons , eclipse to hide and seek between sun and moon and earth, jaundice to liver , cold to virus , computers to semiconductor physics, rainbow to refraction .. Earthquake as tectonic play by play, anxiety to hormones, diabetes to genes (not always though), death to stopping of heart beats.. If we know it, comprehend it we scuff it from the genre of God related entries to man made discoveries and inventions. Something like the world is in eyes of kid, who when taken to a magic show believes into the illusion created where else most of us know why’s and how’s of the trick.  


But then, assumptions are always good if they produce desired results. Most of the well known mathematical derivations could not be proved if initially certain assumptions weren’t made.


“Ignorance is bliss”-

(Best expressed by cypher in the movie The Matrix http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0133093/quotes)


As long as the faith in god helps Jane fight the pain she suffers due to acute blood cancer increasing her will power to un-conceivable heights

As long as Rosie’s immense hope and faith in almighty makes her staunchly believe that where everything fails, there’s some one who will let her get going … one day she would meet her lost parents, giving her strength to fight all adversities and obstacles on her struggle to find her lost parents alive in the debris of the reminisces left by the deadly earthquake,

As long as jenny’s parents spend there whole night praying to save their daughter life, because even doctors have lost hope…they hope against hope…and voila! a miracle makes her responding to the medications again…

As long as fear of ill fate (generally interpreted as god’s punishment) helps a person follow a virtuous path…

As long as we are solve the question of life with assumptions ……

As long as the hope faith and belief in powers of the almighty help me face any situations in life whatsoever, helps me think positive, become optimist, have strength patience and perseverance to face difficulties of life

Who cares??

Ignorance seems to be bliss… until the mysteries of the universe unfold into known facts!!



Its very unlikely of me to jot down something so formally, I usually use  metamorphic lingua to express  

Its long time since I wrote something like this.. last I remember writing such writeups was when I wrote  some  political or economical or environmental  issues as essays  in my High school times. This is for those who expect loads from  this article ,oh  Jeez ! I am not good at presenting facts.  


Its another geeky day at headquarters of the worlds hottest IT Company. Oh! Did I mention Geeky or Greenly? Yes, Now Google is not only about Geeky freaks around the campus  with laptops tucked under their arms or  Shirtless employees playing volleyball matches at lunch time.. Its also about crackling energy ..Its about Googleplex going green J


Here the Sun rise is significant .. especially when the sunlight glints off 9212 Solar panels covering the free roof space , stretching out towards horizon and why not ?? when the panels produce 1.6 megawatts of electricity enough to satisfy 30% of the buildings needs which is equivalent to powering a thousands of   Californian homes


Roofing Corporate buildings with Solar panels should  not  be accredited with Google as its just a novice is this endeavor . The search giant just adds to one of the companies that tames sunshine Walmart , the worlds largest retailer chain , and tesco the British based super market chain are some other names to be associated with this venture


Google , for its roof tops chose sharp modules capable of generating 208 watts each .The polycrystalline silicon cells average 12..8 %  module conversion of efficiency that’s because solar panels produce dc current each system requires inverters to change the current into usable ac Not much is known about how much Google has invested into this project but it claims to recoup its investment in next five to seven years . With solar installation costs about $3 to $5 per watt and with Google likely to retrieve $4.5 million the estimated costs sums up to something more than $13 million. Golly! That’s expensive

To cut down on the cost for photovoltaic installations clever financing schemes are followed. Installation and Maintenance is done free of cost on the customers property . In turn customer signs a long term agreement to buy electricity from the panels at a fixed rate which is lower than retail utility prices


And Solar panels on roofs is not the only climate change mitigation project undertaken by Google. Its has also build carports in its parking lot that have solar panels on its roof so its like charge your car and go vrooom your way  The company is also accumulating a fleet of hybrids as a part of RechargeIT , a Google program  aimed at speeding adoption to Plug in hybrid electric cars.


Google has also changed light bulbs air conditioning systems upgrading everything to optimize when and how the electricity is used. The other environmental programs in pipeline are rooftop wind turbines and on site recycling.


But all that glitters is not gold and grass is not always greener as it looks. The big question is whether this movement would expand??

Japan and Germany are global leaders in solar energy .. Ironically both countries have sky high electricity prices: on an average 20 cents per kilowatt double the average cost in United States why??

The major problem with setting up solar panels is about interconnecting  the solar panels to the grid and compensating the producers for electricity exported to the grid .The portion of Google system that has the solar panels connect to the secondary grid which does not accommodate excess power fed back into it .To take care of this the system was scaled to cover rooftops as well generate only 50% of buildings minimum demand , so that solar modules never come close to producing more electricity than the campus consumes.

 Other problem stemmed with solar panels is cost as an impact of adding companies produced electricity to the grid which sums upto $50,000 leading to prohibitive buyers who are always worried about frequency and voltage disturbances.


Its not unusual for solar projects to die for the mere reason of its impact study. Such impact studies, though being unnecessary and redundant, results in slow response rates from utilities and hence forth limiting giant corporations to limit their project to few states.


Solar projects results into congested distribution grids all over, as if interconnection problems were not enough , resulting into painfully mundane utilities not processing applications quickly also safety of utility engineers remains as an unresolved issue.


In such cases investors are a problem to be found as they are reluctant unless assured that utilities connect them hassle-free. One major healing step taken towards this problem is setting up new technical standards approved in 2003 by IEEE . since then about 50 states have adopted the IEEE standards as their minimum technical guideline for equipment and safety requirements


If the political will is there the environmental for photovoltaic installations should improve. Although California is the only state in United States swaddling itself in poly silicon panels Lets hope the initiative by giants like Google results into a solar installations to pop up everywhere …in the world  saving Mother Earth  for descent folks!!

Dipika Bahuguna

I was born on 4th of the welcoming month year 1985..and for  rest of the world minus my family it was completely an insignificant event..such events go-great when you have crossed half the journey of your life..(not always though), have established yourself ..somewhere on pedestal so high, that more than 80% of population on mother Earth can see…dream to be you..envy you..stuff-stuff-stuff.

Well  I am still in the race of life, And only time alone will answer whether the pedestal can be reached or not, here i sketch  few pictures of my past shading them with few strokes of humour.

Many people belive that we are actually  made in assemblies some where up there  , where  actual fitting of each part , chiseling out shapes ..filling qualities ,virtues  with pipes…(what crap!!) takes place.With due respect to that theory..when i was assembled ..some obtuse worker sculpted me with a lean body (thanks to homo sapiens made  junk food i am otherway now), two eyes, two ears , 1 nose ..blah blah blah all that we all have(all as in all  females ), with a very shy nature,some average dimaag( i still think that),some quality to listen..to solve problems.. to predict future..(strong intutive powers u see!! ) and a beautiful innocent heart.

yes I was shy! you could happily find me sleeping on the last benches ..(some times on first benches too), as for me life was too boring to live.If Eating sleeping studying and then again sleeping is what all you do at young age than its mundane to live.

As a child was never really able to build rappo with peers (thought they were really dumb to understand me), they werent as interseting as a tight deep sleep was so i never cared a hang for really getting into friendships ..eatting dabbas togather.. playing on the swing, the see saw..I needed some thing else to simulate..something as compelling as a good sleep.

Predictable ..thats what i was..yes my face always reflected when i had remarks in my notebooks..(Incomplete work ..very poor … )when there was a complaint calling my helpless parents to school… ( I am sure Roy Maam if your reading this .. it is sure to bring a smile on your face)

It was all same untill my Life changed with one elocution competition.

Because as soon as the elocution competition was over , I found myself slapping my cheeks, doing my frizzy hair, dilate my pupils hard to know where i was?? And the nobel thought just storke me to create my own blog to have mercy on my helpless sleeps

I generally have a problem of thinking a lot , over any damn issues I get.. I am so obssessd with thinking that it haunts me even in my sleeps. Nah..aah I dont consider this bad because sometimes this helps me to understand myself and other things in a more brighter clearer prespective but overdoing anything is not advisable so I again sat to think about this thinking problem of mine (hey i just discovered Thinking is recursive! 🙂 ) and came to a conclusion that I should do some Junta – seva with Puking down my thoughts over some Blog desperately hoping that someday some one recognises this rare in-born talent in me 😉
( over doses of high self esteem ) and my names gets accolades like that of Seneca or say Freud or.. aristotle.

Now that was all on light note..started blogging as I seriously needed to improve my writing skills specially when my Fading shades (a poerty written by me ) was rejected to be posted on TechM’s techmate for the reasons that it was too absurd to be understood! (Happy Birthday to you hogaya!!).

So what to expect from this blog??(as if I would really be visited by galore of readers ..) This Blog will serve as an open platform to discuss anything any crap thing that is related to human Psycology ranging from simple sense like touch taste smell … to complex human emotions and behaviours like astral projections, dream interpretations and phantom limbs anything that simulates phyco-thinker bone in me

So why that above scrap about Google…..???? Socho scoho!!
arrey I am supposed to be an IT Engineer….(interpret this sentence at your own risk!!)

I hope not be among those bloggers who after sometime leave thier blogs dead..just to accumalate junk on the net..(aah haan .. just lecturing because just read an article that the rate of abandoning the blogs has risen compared to the creation rate!! and i dont want to add my heavy self to it so …he he he )

Read this article at your own risk its likely that you encounter un imaginable spelling and grammatical mistakes …Hmmmm excuse me .. all coz m Just a little out of touch….. 😉