A Passing thought like Moore’s paradox “It’s raining outside but I don’t believe that it is!!.”

Posted: January 12, 2008 in Uncategorized

(This article does not intend to hurt anyone’s sentiments, nor are they against anyone’s belief. They are just a gamut of passing thoughts that like huge waves wash up, now and then the ever wandering shores of my mind.)


Trying to understand how a kid and a grown up reacts to the same situation I once happened to ask the most controversial question …

            “Who/what do you think God is??”


The kid chuckled and answered as his eyes glittered his happiness into it

            “God is the person to whom I pray when I need something.. He is the one who protects me from Joe when he comes to bully me at the kinder garden gates”


How true?? Even Though it might be the kid’s Parents providing his craving needs or it might have been kid’s sole courage that made him stand the bullish attack but that’s what we are taught .. Good manners. to thank and present all you do to the God the almighty who looks after us , protects us guides us and provide us with what we need


I mistakenly happened to ask the same question to a grown up who some how turned up to be an atheist. Wish I had not, for if I had asked some believer, this article would have ended up into different strokes all together.


The answer I got from the grown up was almost the same… has to be…I thought .Its similar to knowing my parents, my name information that we take for granted but yes the grown up had added logic with careful analysis of each word very true to its   literal meaning, exploring all vistas of thoughts adhering to what he read , explored with time, comprehended , sprinkled some good and bad experiences of life and burped out this …


“…But I don’t believe in god … I am an atheist “.Period.


So, what else was needed?? Me armed with my own beliefs, theories and an inborn craving to understand Bizarre Human Psychology sat to discuss the reason

“Why  … an Atheist??”

Believe me; the discussion opened a completely new plethora of thoughts which I thought should be enforced onto a dissertation soon, to free my hapless ever wandering mind.

So, to understand how deep the rabbit hole goes here some food for thought ….


This is human nature, everything that we do not understand we relate it to God!!

Which can be as simple as idols drinking milk to stuffs as complex as re incarnations, self curing of deadly cancer, vanishing of brain tumors etc etc.


Few decades ago, we never knew what caused Small pox; we always related it  as terrible god’s punishment. Even today, in most remote areas any incurable disease is treated as God’s punishment. I am sure, when nobody knew about why solar eclipse occurred, it might have been associated with God as well. You name it, you don’t understand it, and you relate it to be a miracle or God’s pre written destiny!


Today, we laugh at the villager who considers lighting of a bulb as a miracle, because we know what’s actually behind it. Tomorrow if we discover  re incarnation as a result of  yet another phantoms in Human mind some weird  Chinese checkers played amongst the  brain cells , we would  stop considering to believe into the re birth thing all together..


The revolution of earth around the sun can be zeroed down to foxtrot performed due to gravitational force; Magnetism can be zeroed down to spinning of electrons; electricity to electrons , eclipse to hide and seek between sun and moon and earth, jaundice to liver , cold to virus , computers to semiconductor physics, rainbow to refraction .. Earthquake as tectonic play by play, anxiety to hormones, diabetes to genes (not always though), death to stopping of heart beats.. If we know it, comprehend it we scuff it from the genre of God related entries to man made discoveries and inventions. Something like the world is in eyes of kid, who when taken to a magic show believes into the illusion created where else most of us know why’s and how’s of the trick.  


But then, assumptions are always good if they produce desired results. Most of the well known mathematical derivations could not be proved if initially certain assumptions weren’t made.


“Ignorance is bliss”-

(Best expressed by cypher in the movie The Matrix http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0133093/quotes)


As long as the faith in god helps Jane fight the pain she suffers due to acute blood cancer increasing her will power to un-conceivable heights

As long as Rosie’s immense hope and faith in almighty makes her staunchly believe that where everything fails, there’s some one who will let her get going … one day she would meet her lost parents, giving her strength to fight all adversities and obstacles on her struggle to find her lost parents alive in the debris of the reminisces left by the deadly earthquake,

As long as jenny’s parents spend there whole night praying to save their daughter life, because even doctors have lost hope…they hope against hope…and voila! a miracle makes her responding to the medications again…

As long as fear of ill fate (generally interpreted as god’s punishment) helps a person follow a virtuous path…

As long as we are solve the question of life with assumptions ……

As long as the hope faith and belief in powers of the almighty help me face any situations in life whatsoever, helps me think positive, become optimist, have strength patience and perseverance to face difficulties of life

Who cares??

Ignorance seems to be bliss… until the mysteries of the universe unfold into known facts!!


  1. Jyotika says:

    Ahaan ! One, I am curious to know when did you get this revelation ? I remember thinking and debating about it to myself somewhere around your age.

    And two, Ignorance might be bliss, but wisdom is in reasoning and coming to terms with the things you dont have an answer to.

    Overall, good post.

  2. hmm.. took me back to my childhood when i used to be so very dependent of God.. well still i hv that trust n faith but the fact is that small things dont take me to God for resolution any more.. thats where the reasoning comes in..

    btw, u r on right track.. expecting a new more from u.. start writing and post a brand new writeup…


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